6th Annual Crab Feed: January 30th, 2016

We have great news about our upcoming January 30th Crab Feed and the sourcing of this year’s crab. Our supplier, JP Seafood, has been supplying crab to TOSF, restaurants and other charity events for years. The owner of JP Seafood says his #1 source for crab is the sandy bottom fishing grounds just north of the California border in Oregon. JP feels that the best tasting crab with the sweetest meat comes from a sandy bottom area and as such, JP has been sourcing his crab from this fishing area for years.

With his family and fisherman connections who live and work in this area, JP has always had the best crab and gets the first pick from the inbound crab boats. After a good harvest, the boats are unloaded and the crab quickly brought to the Bay Area.

The good news is that effective, January 4th, this sandy bottom fishing area will have the crabbing restrictions lifted and JP Seafood will once again be sourcing crab for the Bay Area. JP is driving up to northern CA to personally purchase the first shipments for transport to the Bay Area.

JP has assured us that he not only will have an ample supply of crab, but it once again will be coming from his favorite sandy bottom fishing ground rather than being fresh frozen and sourced from Washington, as it has been for the past few weeks.

We are very excited about this new turn of events and are anxiously awaiting this new fresh and tasty crab from JP’s favorite fishing area. We know that several of our past attendees have been waiting for this good news prior to purchasing their TOSF Crab Feed Tickets, so we now hope that you can rest assured that TOSF crab will be up to the standard that both JP Seafood and TOSF have expected and DELIVERED in the past.

We encourage each of our past attendees along with our new future attendees to now submit your form and monies so that you can once again join us in supporting orphans while tasting the best crab that can be sourced on the West Coast.



Download the flyer and mail-in ticket order form here.



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Thanks to our supporters for making our February 2015 crab feed such a success!



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